Register to ScanStar 2021

How to participate in ScanStar 2021
The  entry form below, describing each entered packaging product, must be filled out by June1. The registration is valid after payment of the entry fee is received. The entry fee (1000 €) will be invoiced after entry.

Packaging products may be entered by the following categories:
Consumer packaging Transport / distribution packaging Other packaging

Choose the aspect your product should be judged by:
A new idea / a new application Protections ability Price / cost savings User friendliness Design Environment


    Each entry must also be sent by physical mail by June 4, 2021 in three specimens. One of them should be filled (if possible) and the other two should be empty. The entries must be custom cleared with no costs for the receiver. You will receive the address where to send them after your registration.

    Please contact if you have any questions.